Product data
  VARTA SILVER dynamic 563 400 061 3162
Article Number 563 400 061 3162
Product Line SILVER dynamic
Voltage [V] 12
Battery Capacity [Ah] 63
Cold-test Current, EN [A] 610
Length [mm] 242
Width [mm] 175
Height [mm] 190
Hold-down Type
B13  Zoom
Pole Positions
0  Zoom
Terminal Type 1
Short Code D15
Uk Nr. 027
  Innovative AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat) with highcompression fleece separator
  Latest OE Technology for advanced Start-Stop vehicles
  Has at least three to four times more cycle life and can meet the demands of all Start-Stop vehicles and high-end luxury vehicles
  High charging acceptance for absorbing large surges of electrical energy generated via brake energy recuperation
  100% leak-proof and spill-proof to 360°
  Excellent starting power, so you can rely on the engine starting – even at a low state of charge
  Longer lifespan
  Totally maintenance-free